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    Reliable offshore software development
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scince 2015

Control any workload on any infrastructure to assure application performance, while maximizing efficiency.

    Participating in developing and supporting the flagship product:
  • Operations Manager
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Extending the traditional product of QuestSoftware for VMWare, Microsoft and RedHat virtualized infrastructures. Porting the advanced VKernl solutions on the Foglight platform and adding new functionality.

Using the Foglight engine drastically increased the size of infrastructures. Root Cause Analysis and Planning features, including What-If Analysis were added.

    Porting, developing and supporting following products:
  • Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition
  • Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition
  • Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition
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Capacity Management products for VMware and Microsoft virtualized infrastructures. Products simplify the complex and critical tasks of planning, monitoring and predicting capacity utilization and performance bottlenecks.

The products we developed are used by over 35,000 VMware administrators and have proven their ability to maximize capacity utilization, reduce virtualization costs and improve application performance.

    Developing and supporting following products:
  • vOperations Suite (former Capacity Management Suite)
  • StorageVIEW
  • AppVIEW
  • CapacityVIEW
  • Vkernel Virtual Application (former Optimization Pack)
  • Modeler
  • Chargeback
  • Capacity Analyser
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The start-up product was re-worked and became scalable and enterprise-level software, that increased the number of client up to 3500 customers, including large international companies.

    Developed and supported following products:
  • Change Manager
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Patch Manager
  • Auditor Professional
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Online intelligence gathering service for marketing professionals to monitor competitors' PPC, Organic keywords, ads and landing pages. Used by over 3,000 marketing professionals world wide.

The project is being developed from scratch and now the 4.0 version is provided to software customers.