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    Reliable offshore software development
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Over the past years we have proven as a reliable high quality software development company

Founded in 2003 in Moscow Russia to provide high quality offshore development services to Western clients.

    Our key focus is providing exceptional service to client:
  • On time and on budget software delivery;
  • Dedicated, highly skilled, long term software development teams;
  • Mainly focused on US clients.

Oriented on long-term relationships with our customers to deliver the most reliable and quality product and services.

One of our main competitive advantages is the strength of our team. Talented, well educated and enthusiastic personnel allows the company to provide service above and beyond our competition. All the Smoli employees have advanced graduate and post-graduate degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Programming.

Executive management team has worked together now for over 10 years. We share common vision and passion for delivering software on time, on budget and with high quality. Our team has experience in high-end technologies, solid professional background, and strong management skills. This allows us to hire right professionals and build successful teams to get customer projects done on time and on budget.